Luxury Executive Travel

Your premier destination for discounted business and first class airfare. Our mission is to make air travel enjoyable again. From uncomfortable and intrusive security measures, to ever-shrinking seats in coach, to multitudes of fees for every amenity, flying has unfortunately changed from being an enjoyable means of travel to an almost insufferable experience.

That’s where we come in. Utilizing our insider knowledge of how airlines operate and the intricacies of their pricing systems, as well as our connections with the luxury travel world, we are able to offer savings from 30-70% on the same business and first class seats that others are paying thousands more for.

How it Works

At Luxury Executive Travel, we don’t just want you to enjoy business and first class travel at economy level prices, we want your entire experience to be first class. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality service possible, from the moment you contact us through all steps in organizing your itinerary to suite your desires.

Once we receive your information, we will immediately begin working on arranging a truly customized itinerary for you. A member from our Executive team will contact you within 4 hours to confirm your preferences and discuss any additional information we may require.

Why Use Us

Expertise: We are travel experts who eat, breath, and sleep travel. We collectively have flown tens of millions of miles to hundreds of destinations around the world. Our experience allows us to craft the perfect itinerary for you, one that turns a good trip into a great trip.

Pricing: Our pricing is clear, honest, and generally much better than what you can find on your own or at another agency. Our collective buying power and our travel expertise allow us to offer pricing that is unavailable to the general public. All of our quotes are 100% risk-free, no obligation, and come with a free hold to give you the time to finalize your plans.

Access: We are super connected. We are affiliated with some of the biggest names in travel and are members of the top tier programs at luxury hotels and cruise lines all over the world. Our connections and clout in the luxury travel world will elevate your travel experience, get access in sold out situations, and save you money when your plans change. When that card and bottle of champagne shows up in your hotel room with our name on it, you’ll know why.

Customer Service: We don’t just want to make you satisfied, we seek to delight you. When you call or message us, you will speak directly with a live travel expert with no hold times. Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves. Our customers love us and we boast a sky-high retention rate for a reason.

Support: We offer 24/7 support so you’ll always have someone on call. Our team continuously monitors for disruptions and works proactively to get you rerouted away from storms and airline strikes. And when the unpredictable happens, our team is behind you to help solve problems and make things happen at a moment’s notice.