Our Mission

Our mission is to make air travel enjoyable again. From uncomfortable and intrusive security measures, to ever-shrinking seats in coach, to multitudes of fees for every amenity, flying has unfortunately changed from being an enjoyable means of travel to an almost insufferable experience. That’s where we come in. Utilizing our insider knowledge of how airlines operate and the intricacies of their pricing systems, as well as our connections with the luxury travel world, we are able to offer savings from 30-70% on the same business and first class seats that others are paying thousands more for.

Our Services

Premium Airline Tickets

We get incredibly low prices on First Class and Business Class tickets for our clients. How do we do it?


We have years of experience and intricate knowledge of how the airline industry works and how tickets are priced. This gives us the ability to find tickets at rates that few others can

Personal Service

All our customers receive personal attention from one of our expert travel agents, from quote request until after the flight.

Small Agency Benefits

We can offer this level of personal detail since we are a boutique travel firm. Our agents will often become your friends as you talk to them before every trip

Satisfied Customers

We are proud of our sky-high customer satisfaction rate. We aren't sure exactly why customers come back to us for all their future needs, but it may have to do with the service and prices....


Our yardstick of success is if you come back to us for your next trip. Then we know we've succeeded. That is our only mission with each customer who hires us.